Havurah Volume 01 Number 02

The Desert Hasn’t Blossomed Yet
Author: Stephen Katz

This year, Israel is celebrating its 50th birthday, its modern Year of Jubilee. In the last 50 years the world has seen the Israeli desert blossom like the Garden of Eden. Yet there has been no such spiritual blossoming in the hearts of the people of Israel—our Jewish...

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Project Joshua: More Than Just Your Typical Tour to Israel

Project Joshua was an incredible trip for me and the 14 other college students who were part of it. What a God-given opportunity! The Lord did so many things in each of our lives before we even boarded the plane. One lost his wallet and passport the day before, only...

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Campaigner Looks Back and Ahead

Hot town, summer in the city.…” Do you think the Lovin’ Spoonful wrote that song about the Jews for Jesus Summer Witnessing Campaign in New York City? Every year we bring a team of willing workers to the Big Apple to share the Good News of Yeshua and to...

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Does Your Mother Know You’re Doing This?
Author: Josh Sofaer

For those of us who have handed out tracts with Jews for Jesus, we’ve all heard it—in fact, we almost come to expect it. A person is walking down the street, their eyes focused on where they’re headed. They see us, their eyes close a bit. They don’t...

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On Faith and Creativity

Although this is only the second issue of Havurah, we’ve already begun a tradition: Each edition will feature an article about what’s happening in the Messianic Jewish art world. At this rate—if the Lord tarries—Havurah will need to be published well into...

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He’s Not Clowning Around
Author: Lyn Bond

Henry Morse takes the Word of God very seriously. Yet while the Great Benafuchi thinks of himself as an evangelist, through his circus ministry he acts and looks like a clown. Henry believes that the use of humor is important in getting across the Good News:...

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Camp Gilgal and the Next Generation in Messiah

It could be that when Jews for Jesus ceases to exist,it might be said that our Camp Gilgal ministry was our greatest achievement.” Moishe Rosen, August 25, 1995 Camp Gilgal began in 1991 in both California and Pennsylvania. This summer we will be premiering a...

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