Mishpochah Message Summer 1997

Letter Regarding Jewish Identity

Shalom Steve! Yesterday I received the Mishpochah Message with your lead article Alarming Our Community.” I must say that what I read made me angry. I am not angry with you personally, but with what you wrote. Please allow me to explain. Your analysis of what...

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Letter Concerning Southern Baptists

Rarely have I taken the time to comment in writing to anything sent by mass mail but the occasion of your article (Mishpochah Message, Winter, 1997) warrants a response. In the article you advised Messianic Jews to embrace the evangelical thrusts of the Southern...

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Forum: Alarming Our Community
Topics: community
Author: Stephen Katz

In January, the Jerusalem Report ran an article titled, The Rabbi Who Lost His Faith…and Found Judaism.” The rabbi to whom the article referred was Chuck Snow—a Jew who renounced his faith in Jesus after 22 years as a professing believer. Snow, who led the...

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Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
Author: Stephen Katz

I was standing near the student union at the University of Illinois watching a hellfire and brimstone preacher condemn the crowd that had gathered to tease him. “Fornicators!” he yelled at them. “You’re all going straight to hell!” I...

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