My wife and I became believers in Jesus a few years ago. We are retired and live in Florida. We have lots of fellowship and have found a group of Messianic Jews with whom we worship. But, our hearts are broken for our children and grandchildren. Our three children are married, two of them to Jewish people, and they resent it every time we bring up the subject of Yeshua. Help!

Well, you could pray. When you can’t talk to people about Yeshua, you can talk to God about people. Let me ask you a straight question. Does God really answer prayer? Does he really open hearts? Does he really move souls to consider believe in him? If he doesn’t do any of those things, oh, are we in trouble! But he does. So you can go to the Lord in prayer, and though you may not immediately see progress, know that God does answer prayer.

In the meantime, you shouldn’t talk to your grandchildren without talking to your children. But you should remind your children who’s the parent and who’s the child and let them know that you expect some respect from them. Tell them, I did something that I’ve got to undo. I passed on to you some prejudices that I had. Now I need to tell you where I was wrong.” If you approach them on the basis of rectifying a situation, and a show of mutual respect, maybe they’ll listen.


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