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Bruce Rapp

Branch Leader

Bruce Rapp heads the Phoenix branch of Jews for Jesus. He previously served with the leadership team of our New York branch and has served with our Chicago branch and as National Director of Mobile Evangelism at the San Francisco ministry headquarters. It was at a church's Easter production that he began considering the claims of Jesus. He was amazed to hear the pastor relate prophetic Hebrew scriptures--Isaiah 53, Micah 5, Psalm 22--to Jesus. Bruce found himself wondering, "Could this be true or are they changing the words?" Through reading the Bible and attending church services, the truth became unavoidably clear: they had not changed the words. Finally, during a presentation on King David, Bruce realized that no matter what he did or didn't do, he would always be a Jew--and, he says, by accepting Jesus, he has become a faithful Jew. Bruce is married to Tracy, and they have two grown children, Morgan and Jordan.

Stan Meyer

Stan Meyer is a missionary at the Phoenix branch of Jews for Jesus. Stan received his theological training at Fuller Theological Seminary. Stan and his late wife adopted their daughter, Carrie-Fu, from China in 2005. Stan married Jacqui Hops, a Jewish believer in Jesus, in August 2014.

Jacqui Meyer


Jacqui Meyer was born and raised in Los Angeles in a Reform Jewish home. She embraced Yeshua as her Messiah in high school. After graduating from a secular college, she decided to go to a Bible college to be equipped for ministry. While in Bible college, she served with the Foursquare Missions International. It was during that time she encountered and volunteered with Jews for Jesus. Jacqui went on to earn a Masters of Social Work and worked as a clinical social worker. In 2012, Jacqui reconnected with Stan, a single dad with Jews for Jesus who had just lost his wife. They began dating and married in 2014. Jacqui has a B.A. from UCSC, B.Th. from Pacific L.I.F.E. Bible College, an MSW from Cal State Long Beach, and began as a missionary with Jews for Jesus in the August of 2016.

Tracy Rapp


Tracy Rapp is a missionary at the Phoenix branch of Jews for Jesus. Tracy and her husband, Bruce is the leader of the Phoenix branch, have two grown children, Morgan and Jordan. Tracy and Bruce enjoy doing outreach on college campuses, such as Arizona State University.

Church Relations

Nicole Coates

Church Relations Scheduling Agent

Nicole is passionate to see Jewish people and others alike come to faith in Yeshua. She currently schedules speaking engagements in Arizona and the Chicago area.

Calling Area Arizona Branch & Chicago Branch

Skype nicole.coates.j4j

Phone 623.748.4565


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