Arielle Randle

Arielle Randle

Communications Director

Arielle Randle is the communications director for Jews for Jesus. She oversees the teams that generate both our print and online content strategies internationally, reaching diverse Jewish and Christian audiences. She joined our staff in 2012 as a youth program and camp director before stepping into her current role in 2019. Arielle combines a very positive and upbeat presence with a keen, critical eye and an unwavering commitment to keeping all our communications aligned with the purpose and principles of our mission. She holds a BA in theater studies from Marymount Manhattan College and an MA in communication and strategic management from Johns Hopkins University.

Arielle was born in New York City and learned about Jesus at a young age, but it was in her early twenties as a theater artist that she dedicated her life to the Lord. She says, “God opened my eyes to the fact that I could either chase self-expression endlessly or find true meaning in life by serving Him and serving others. I realized that I needed and wanted to do the latter.”

Arielle is married to David, who is also a Jewish believer in Jesus. They reside in New Jersey with their three children.

Arielle talks about her journey to faith in Jesus and passion for sharing with other Jewish people.