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I have to say, I’m glad I’m not in school anymore. Staying awake in class was always a challenge and my ability to read for long stretches is right up there with my software designing skills (that is to say, nonexistent.) But I still love to learn. Don’t you?

As I muse over this month’s articles, campus outreach as well as Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) are recurring themes. You don’t have to be a college student to know that life is a continuing education and you don’t have to be Jewish to know that each new year is an occasion for solemn soul searching as well as happy holiday greetings. And then there’s David’s article, reminding us that hopes and cautionary notes go together. Trying new things is critical to remaining relevant but so is a firm grip on unchanging truths.

So what does all this mean to you and me? On the one hand, God has pretty much told us everything we need to know about how to relate to Him and to one another as His people. The Bible has quite a lot to say about learning and teaching, but it’s basically about receiving and passing on what God has done and what He has revealed. There’s no new message; our hope and our redemption are ageless and unchanging.

What’s new is the way that we see God’s grace and redemption applied to the changing circumstances of our lives. What’s new are the opportunities to use the changing technology as well as changing situations around us to share the unchanging gospel. In order to do this we need to keep refreshing and deepening our knowledge of God’s Word, and we need to keep alert to what’s going on around us. We need to hold fast what is true, while remaining open to new ways of passing it on.

We’re not all equally flexible when it comes to learning or utilizing technology, but we all have the ability to look beyond our own cares and concerns, to look and listen and be part of other people’s lives.

One thing I learned from my father, Moishe Rosen, is that you can learn from people of all ages and all walks of life. And very often it is our willingness to learn from others that gives them the trust and the desire to learn from us as well. What will you discover about God today, not because He’s changed, but because your situation, or someone else’s, has opened your heart to seeing things differently? Who can you learn from this month? Who will learn something from you?

Ruth Rosen, Editor


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Ruth Rosen | San Francisco

Newsletter Editor, Missionary

Ruth Rosen, daughter of Jews for Jesus founder Moishe Rosen, is a staff writer and editor with Jews for Jesus. Her parents raised her with a sense of Jewishness as well as "Jesusness." Ruth has a degree in biblical studies from Biola College in Southern California and has been part of our full-time staff since 1979. She's toured with Jewish gospel drama teams and participated in many outreaches. She writes and edits quite a few of our evangelistic resources, including many broadside tracts. One of her favorites is, "Who Needs Politics." Ruth also helps other Jewish believers in Jesus tell their stories. That includes her father, whose biography she authored in what she says was "one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life." For details, or to order your copy of Called to Controversy the Unlikely Story of Moishe Rosen and the Founding of Jews for Jesus, click here. Or click here for a video desription of the biography. For the inside story and "extras" about the book, check out our Called to Controversy Facebook page. Ruth also writes shorter "faith journey" stories in books like Jewish Doctors Meet the Great Physician as well as in booklets like From Generation to Generation: A Jewish Family Finds Their Way Home, which you can download for free here. She edits the Jews for Jesus Newsletter and RealTime for Christians who want to pray for our ministry and our missionaries. In her spare time, Ruth enjoys writing fiction and playing with her dog, Annie, whom she "rescued" from a shelter. Ruth says, "Some people say that rescue dogs have issues, and that is probably true. If dogs could talk, they'd probably say that people have issues, and that is probably even more true. I'm glad that God is in the business of rescuing people, (and dogs) despite—or maybe because of—all our issues." You can follow Ruth Rosen on facebook or as RuthARosen on twitter.

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