We hope you know that when we talk about this five-year vision to reach every city with 25,000 or more Jewish people, it’s no boast. We are far too few and too weak to do it on our own. That is why we know that God will receive the glory when it’s done!

We are not looking for a huge army to join us. We are not looking for a $50 million budget to accomplish Behold Your God. We need a growing contingent of Christians who don’t mind being in the minority, who are ready to pray and give and stand with us. We are looking for churches who will welcome the opportunity to learn how to reach out to the Jewish people in their community, though others may ridicule them for doing so.

More and more churches are being swayed by the rest” of the world, who think it is arrogant to believe that Jesus is the only way of salvation. More and more churches are being tempted to follow public opinion rather than the leading of the Holy Spirit. There are even churches in cities like Minneapolis that tried to prevent the gospel from going out to the Jewish people when they heard about BYG.

Praise God for faithful friends who have been willing to stand against a tide of criticism for publicly supporting Operation Behold Your God.

Praise God for “the remnant” of pastors who refuse to back down when their colleagues question or even deny that Jewish people need Jesus to be saved. Their loyal friendship to Jews for Jesus is not because we are so great, but because they recognize that Jesus is so great. They are not ashamed to say that only He can save Jews and Gentiles from sin. You folks know who you are, and more important, you know who Jesus is. Thank you, and God bless you!


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