We’ve been cautiously reporting to you about the BYG outreach in Uzbekistan, and have asked you to pray for the courageous brothers and sisters who stood with us and for the follow-up. We thought you would be encouraged to hear a report from one of the Jewish believing brothers there:

As soon as the campaign was over, we began to pray for those people whose contacts we received. Soon after the campaign, opposition became more active. They pooled energetic efforts through every possible channel. Their methods were the same: to intimidate people and forbid them to get in touch with us. As a result, even more people learned about us. So, the campaign is not over—it is being continued…by the opposition. We formed a team of 20, mostly those who took part in the campaign. Within two weeks, we had visited 26 contacts, six of whom were Jewish and prayed to receive the Lord, and one of whom was Gentile and prayed to receive the Lord. In addition, we received names and addresses of 25 new contacts to visit.

Thank you for your prayers, and please continue. Also, this month’s BYG campaign is another that is in a sensitive area. Please be praying, and we will report back when we can.


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