Thank you for praying for our Tampa Behold Your God campaign! In three weeks, the team distributed 68,550 gospel tracts. One hundred and forty-two people who do not know Christ gave their names and addresses to hear more about Him. Of those, 77 are Jewish. Fourteen people prayed to receive Jesus as Messiah and Lord, three of whom are Jewish.

We thought you’d get a smile from a comment made by our opposition at the University of South Florida. We noticed a man with a video camera filming us. He turned out to be a rabbi from Atlanta, and it seems he was an anti-missionary, perhaps brought in by Hillel, the Jewish student organization on campus. He tried to ask us questions on camera, but we told him we preferred not to participate in a project that we felt would be used for propaganda. Nevertheless, campaigner Chad Elliott (who is in charge of our campus evangelism in Florida) asked the rabbi a question, namely, What brings you to USF?” The rabbi replied, “Behold Your God is big news, and the Jewish community needs to be kept informed of what Jews for Jesus is doing.” Well, from his mouth to God’s ears, nu? (translation: If Behold Your God is big news, it’s because God is answering prayer!)

This month’s Behold Your God outreach is in Kiev, from May 1 through June 2. Anatoly (“Tolik”) Emma is leading the campaign, assisted by Leonid Vasserman for the first two weeks, and Igor Barbanel for the last two weeks. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, and with a population of 2,654,000 it is the third largest city in the ex-USSR. Kiev is also home to one of Europe’s largest synagogues, and the leaders of that congregation have consistently urged the Jewish community to oppose us. However, we know there are Jews and Gentiles who are ready and willing to hear the gospel in Kiev. Please see the enclosed bookmark to keep BYG-Kiev in your prayers.


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