When it comes to effective witnessing, no tool can replace a trained, compassionate missionary meeting face to face with a Jewish seeker. And if Behold Your God is successful, our missionaries will be busier than ever, opening up the word of God with Jewish people who want to know more. However, BYG has also been the catalyst for a lot of creative efforts, from developing animated pamphlets on our website in a new technology called Flash,” to a new discipleship manual for new Jewish believers that, among its regular uses, will also be part of the BYG follow-up program.

I want to tell you about one new witnessing tool that we’d particularly like you to be praying about. Our Multi-Media department has developed a new video that is key to our Behold Your God media strategy. It’s titled, Survivor Stories. Our first BYG campaign in the San Francisco Bay Area coincides with Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Week. What better time to offer the stories of remarkable Jews who not only endured the horrors of the Holocaust, but eventually came to faith in Jesus?

Perhaps you have tried to tell a Jewish friend about Jesus, only to have them raise the horrors of the Holocaust as a barrier. For years, the mention of the Holocaust has silenced Christians who want to be sensitive to the sufferings of others. But imagine an entire video of Jewish people who actually endured that suffering speaking out and telling other Jewish people of the hope they found in Jesus.

It’s a project we’ve wanted to do for a long time, but we needed an extra measure of God’s wisdom and grace to handle this extremely sensitive material. We wanted to honor the memory of those who died in the Holocaust, but even more, to offer words of faith and hope from the lips of the survivors who are featured.

Michelle Brown of our Multi-Media department worked painstakingly to frame the questions in ways that would help the survivors feel as comfortable as possible as they let the rest of us in on a part of their lives they rarely discuss. The result is stunning.

The testimonies of these Jewish men and women are powerful and heart wrenching: Marion Parkhurst tells of her encounter with the infamous Nazi butcher Dr. Josef Mengele, who came to her bedside after she delivered a baby in Bergen-Belsen. Bob Kertesz relates how he escaped the Jewish ghetto of Budapest only to be sent back. Ruth Horak poignantly relates her time in some of the most horrific concentration camps—Terezenstadt and Auschwitz—and how she came to meet her Messiah many years later through an encounter with Jews for Jesus on the streets of New York. Many others also tell their unique stories in this original, 60-minute, documentary-style video. Historical footage is background for their 21st century conversation with our off-camera interviewer, Michelle.

Would you pray with us that God will use this evangelistic video to bring many to Himself? Would you pray that we will be beset with the “problem” of handling tens of thousands of responders to the ads for Survivor Stories? And would you pray that we can find the resources to make the video available in other languages, as well, for our worldwide BYG cities?


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Susan Perlman | San Francisco

Chief Partnership Officer

Susan Perlman is one of the co-founders of Jews for Jesus. Susan is the associate executive director of Jews for Jesus and also director of communications for the organization. She also serves as the editor in chief of ISSUES, their evangelistic publication for Jewish seekers. She left a career track in New York City to help launch Jews for Jesus in San Francisco in the early 1970s. See more here.

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