That They Might Be Saved

We frequently meet Christians who are afraid to witness to their Jewish friends. They fear that Jewish people know more about the Bible than they do or they think they may lose a friend.

You may have already encountered some of these problems and, then again, maybe you have not; but you are thinking about witnessing. What type of situation may come up?

To give you a better understanding of what goes on in the mind of a Jewish person when confronted by the Gospel, some of the Jews for Jesus staff will share their own initial reactions and thoughts before they came to Christ.

Dave Lipkowitz gave the typical put-off used by many of our Jewish people. When approached, he said, Hey, don’t talk to me about Jesus Gê’ I’m Jewish!” However, he was thinking, “Boy, I hope that ends that conversation. I’d be afraid to find out that he might be right.”

Sandy Cohen used “Are you forgetting that I’m Jewish, and we don’t believe that? ” Meanwhile, she was really thinking, “Oh, no! If I ever even considered this possibility, what would my parents think?n++ n++Why, they would be so angry!”

Ellen Covett relates much of the same. She told the first person who approached her, “If I thought I wanted to go to God, I would certainly do it without Jesus. I wouldn’t need a middleman; that is, if I wanted to go to God.” She, too, was thinking, “I don’t even want to think that any of this stuff is true.”

Even Doniel Hart , who was immediately interested in knowing more, feigned disinterest.

There are others who, when approached with the Gospel, will be more aggressive in dealing with the issue of Jesus. Nikki H. says, “The first time I heard the Gospel was when a friend handed me a tract. We were on a school bus at the time, so I ridiculed her as loudly as I could and continued until I got off. I hoped that if I embarrassed her enough, she wouldn’t press the issue.”

Then there are those who react on a more intellectual level. Melissa Moskowitz says she knew the Gospel couldn’t be true because if it were, she would surely have learned it before she was an adult.

Terrie Blalostok was sure that any intelligent person would know that the Bible was just a lot of made-up stories.

Tuvya Zaretsky went so far as to think that he might as well believe in Harvey the six-foot rabbit as in Jesus the Messiah.

But, an important thing for Christians to know is that many Jewish people react favorably to the Gospel right from the start! Brian Chernock says he listened attentively to the Good News of the Messiah out of curiosity and a keen sense of need for something more in life. Eileen R. claims that she had been searching for truth for a long time, and when she heard the Gospel she eagerly set about to learn more.

The wonderful thing is that all of these people, regardless of their initial reactions, are now believers . The lesson we can learn from these testimonies is that God makes the change in the heart; we just need to make ourselves available to witness! Each of these Jewish people has come to the Lord through the witness of a Christian who was bold enough to make himself available to God. Will you make yourself available to bring the Gospel to your Jewish friends?


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