Some Plant, Some Water…

Sometimes we find them—sometimes they find us! As evangelists, we Jews for Jesus don’t wait for inquirers to come to us. We are always busy exploring every possible way to find those who might be interested in knowing more about Messiah Jesus. Our outreach efforts include activities such as tract distribution, street drama, parades, testimonies, newspaper and other media ads, telephone calls, letters and door-to-door canvassing.

Sometimes, however, when God has prepared an individual’s heart, we don’t have to go looking for that person. Instead, he or she finds us! This happens frequently when our staff ministers in churches. Sometimes Jewish inquirers come because they have been brought to that church by a Christian friend. Sometimes they even come by themselves out of curiosity after seeing a newspaper ad for one of our speakers or teams at a church in their area.

A phone call, a timely invitation, a well-placed ad, or a word fitly spoken can culminate in someone’s moment of decision!

Anita first came in contact with Jews for Jesus in 1973. The Liberated Wailing Wall had come to South Florida where Anita was living. She had listened to them and had been impressed with their presentation, but not impressed enough to make a decision for the Lord.

Anita’s next contact with Jews for Jesus came in 1977 when the New Jerusalem Players came to South Florida. She went to see their presentation of the gospel through drama. Again she did not make a decision for the Lord.

Eight years ago Anita went through some personal struggles, including a divorce. She survived and put herself through engineering school while mothering two young children.

Recently the Liberated Wailing Wall was ministering in St. Louis, Missouri. One of Anita’s friends heard them and called her in Orlando, Florida, to tell her about it. Could this be a coincidence? You see, she had just been invited to a presentation that my wife Jan and I were going to give at an Orlando area church. Two of our supporters, Dan and June, had befriended Anita and had invited her to that presentation.

Before the presentation I was sitting in the back of the church greeting attendees when Anita arrived. We had a brief discussion, and I sensed that she really was struggling with the possibility of becoming a believer in Yeshua.

My presentation was about Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, and how Jesus was the Light of the world. Jan and I interwove some of our Jewish gospel music with the presentation, and I described what had happened to me as a new believer, including my struggles with my own family and my father’s eventual salvation.

As I spoke that evening I thought I saw a few tears in Anita’s eyes, but when the invitation to respond to the gospel was given, she did not respond. Afterwards I asked Anita if we could sit and talk for a bit. Even though Jan and I had a four-hour drive ahead of us, rushing out after the service was the last thing on my mind. When I asked Anita what was keeping her from receiving Yeshua as her Messiah, she responded a lot like I had before I came to faith. She said she felt like she needed a sign from the Lord.

I replied that I felt the Lord had, indeed, sent me to be there just to speak with her, and wasn’t that nudge enough? This time when I asked Anita if she was ready to receive the Lord, she asked, What do I have to do?”

I led Anita in a prayer of commitment. Then she went out to see her friend June, saying, “Today is my spiritual birthday!” They hugged.

Some plant, some water, and the Lord brings in the harvest. If you have Jewish friends who may be open to the gospel and you know of a Jews for Jesus presentation in their area, do invite them to come and hear it. It just might be their time of decision!


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