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I have been attracted to Jesus for two years. I guess I do believe in Him.” Daniel, a Jewish man, said to me as I was distributing tracts in Manhattan. Something in his manner told me that he was searching, and not stating a reality from his own life.

I asked him if he would like to sit down with a cup of coffee and discuss Jesus, and he said that he would like to very much. So we exchanged names and phone numbers, and I phoned Daniel later that day.

We met the very next day and he immediately began discussing the identity of Jesus. We turned to Isaiah 53 and read together. Daniel agreed that these passages seem to speak of Jesus and His atonement for our sins.

“How can God be in the form of a man?” he asked. Again the prophet Isaiah had the answer for us. We looked at Isaiah 9:6, 7 which speaks of a child who would be called Mighty God. Again Daniel nodded slowly as we restated what he felt the passage to be saying: that God would be in human form.

“Daniel, do you want to accept the atonement that God has given us in His Messiah?”

“Yes,” he said. So we prayed together as I led, and he repeated a prayer of repentance. Then to help assure Daniel that he had the eternal life that God ( gives only through His Son, we read together I John 5:11-13. We rejoiced over Daniel’s new-found life.

Please pray with us for Daniel, that he would he would grow to be a mature believer in the Lord.


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