Please be praying for this month’s Behold Your God campaign in Manchester, England. Joseph Steinberg, chief of station for our London branch, is leading the campaign with Dean McDiarmid assisting.

Campaigners will receive training July 7-9 with the actual campaign taking place July 10-24.

Manchester is the second largest city in the UK. The Jewish community there, which numbers about 35,000, is much more conservative and tightly knit than in London. Ever since last year’s London campaign, leaders of the Manchester Jewish community have been organizing opposition for the upcoming campaign in their city. They have conducted weekly anti-missionary training events, and have printed articles in the newspapers warning of our coming. The opposition keeps us on our toes and quite often they end up creating more attention for the gospel than what we could do on our own. However, we take their efforts seriously, and we need your prayers that Christian friends in the area will not fail to support our efforts in light of the anti-missionary pressure.

As far as opportunities, Manchester offers good foot traffic in downtown shopping areas. We hope, during this two-week campaign, to hand out 100,000 tracts. Also we hope to have public showings of Survivor Stories, as well as a venue for people to hear Stan Telchin’s story. Please keep the challenges and opportunities in prayer as we raise the issue of Jesus the Messiah in Manchester.


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