We wanted to give you a feeling for what happens on campaigns as the Lord answers your prayers. Thank you so much for interceding for our campaigners and for those the Lord brings across their paths!

Ilya Khaimovich reported, Lena Zanouylina and I were handing out tracts at the Tepli Stan metro station. Twenty minutes into the sortie (tract-passing expedition) a police officer told us we had no right to be there. I showed him our registration papers and an excerpt from the federal law that gives us the right to pass out the Christian literature. He demanded my passport and had me taken to the police station. While there, I witnessed to the captain and also to a woman who had been selling flowers in the subway. It turned out that this woman’s mother was Jewish and she had been receiving our literature for a long time. The captain offered to set me free if I would pay some money, but I replied that I had no money. ‘Then give us your literature,’ the captain said. ‘I can’t do it either,’ I replied. ‘Then go behind bars,’ the captain said, and there I stayed for an hour and a half. Nevertheless, I had shared the gospel with at least two people, as well as those who overheard.”

Igor Korotkov reported, “Glory to God! While broadsiding (handing out tracts) at the Ploshad Ilyicha metro station, I ran up to an elderly man whom I’d met a week before. His name is Lev. This time, he invited Yeshua (Jesus) into his heart after a short conversation. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord that Lev was born again that day.”

Also from Igor: “During a sortie at the Vikhino metro station, I spotted a man and felt an impulse to call out his name—Ivan. I did so, and it wasn’t until he turned to me that I recognized this Jewish friend with whom I’d keenly studied esoteric religion and occultism before I came to know the living God. I’d run into him once before, a year or two ago, and God put such love in me that I gave him my silver signet-ring and said, ‘God loves you.’ He wept because of this gift from God. I told him the gospel, but his heart wasn’t completely open. But this day Ivan agreed with the word of Jesus and received Him into his heart. Hallelujah.”

Igor Barbanel reported, “I was on a sortie with Lena Soukhinina. At first, people wouldn’t take our broadsides, but we prayed and they began receiving our literature. I prayed that the Lord would send me interested people, and He did. I talked with Mikhail, who turned out to be my fellow countryman from Odessa. Mikhail is Jewish, had read the Bible and even agreed to some extent with the gospel. He is a psychologist by profession. He wasn’t ready to receive Jesus yet, but agreed to meet and read the Bible together. I gave him an invitation to come see our Survivor Stories video. Please pray for his salvation.”

Lena Soukhinina reported, “Zhenya Koulinich and I were broadsiding at the Aviamotornaya metro station. A great stream of people coming out of the subway was heading towards us, so we were handing out tracts to them as fast as we could while people who were entering the subway could only see inscriptions on the back of our jackets. Many commented to one another, ‘What is this? Jews for Jesus?’ One elderly woman approached us from behind and stood there waiting for the crowd to subside so she would be able to get a broadside. Her name is Galina and she is Jewish. She gave her address in order to receive our literature, and she promised to come to see our Survivor Stories video. Her openness amazed me, and I was persuaded once again that God was doing His work of bringing us the interested people. I did nothing, and this woman stopped to take a broadside and give her address. Glory to Him! Please pray that Galina would receive Yeshua as her personal Savior and pray for our ministry to her.”


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