Summer Evangelism Reports

Our print newsletter promised more the “wrap-ups” from all our summer outreaches, and here they are, along with photos and stories when you click the “see more” links. Enjoy!

During our four-day outreach on the streets of Zurich, campaigners received contact information from ten Jewish seekers and thirteen Gentile seekers who want to know more about Jesus. See more

we saw 35 people saved, including three Jewish people. 414 people gave us contact information to hear more about Jesus, including 89 who are Jewish. See more

Two Jewish people and three Gentiles prayed to receive the Lord. Also, 207 seekers—including 67 Jewish people—gave their contact information to hear more about Jesus. The team handed out 79,345 broadsides. See more

The team handed out about 14,000 pieces of gospel literature, and had meaningful conversations with 385 individuals, including 119 Jewish people. See more

During our Toronto outreach, five Jewish people and fourteen Gentiles prayed to receive the Lord. Also we received contact info from 30 Jewish seekers and 27 Gentile seekers. The team handed out 29,392 broadsides. See more

New York City:
We were stationed all around the city and offered people opportunities to interact with our “What are you for?” and “Post a prayer” boards, as well as providing free charges for cell phones, iced coffee, free water, sunglasses and even sunscreen. Two women who “posted-a-prayer” prayed to receive Jesus.
See more

62 people prayed to receive the Lord (8 were Jewish) and 582 gave their contact info to find out more (107 were Jewish). The team handed out 339,055 gospel tracts. See more

Our team attempted more than 12,000 phone calls and connected with 4,416 people. They also handed out 28,525 pieces of gospel literature. 447 Jewish people and 6 Gentiles responded with interest. The team prayed with one Jewish person who professed faith in Yeshua. See more

Our Moscow campaign ended with 39 people newly professing faith in Jesus. 14 of the new believers are Jewish! Also, 524 Jewish people who don’t yet know Jesus gave us their contact information to hear more, and so did 302 Gentiles.  We handed out 223,888 gospel broadsides. See more


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