This month’s Behold Your God outreach takes place in Cape Town, South Africa, where the Jewish population increases dramatically at this time of year. It is currently summertime in South Africa, and many thousands of people are flocking to the beautiful beaches of Cape Town for their holiday (aka vacation). Without the busy underground train stations and high concentration of commuters we find in many other cities, it can be challenging to find places to hand out our broadsides (tracts). On the other hand, many people do have more time to stop and discuss the gospel. Please keep this campaign in prayer.

Update: for those who prayed for our BYG outreach in Chicago, you’ll be glad to know that five Jewish people prayed to receive the Lord, as well as 50 Gentiles. Please keep these new believers in prayer. Seventy-six Jewish people and 178 Gentiles who don’t yet believe in Jesus were willing to give their names and addresses to hear more—please keep them in prayer also. We handed out 330,300 tracts, and also made hundreds of phone calls to Jewish people, offering them our Survivor Stories video. Seventyfour Jewish people agreed to receive this video of Holocaust survivors telling how they came to believe in Yeshua (Jesus) and to allow us to contact them to discuss it.

One of the new tracts written for Operation Behold Your God was titled, Are You Curious?” and featured drawings of an adorable monkey which is alleged to resemble an old favorite of many children. Well, publishers of the book that features said favorite did not like the tract and threatened to sue us. We discovered this when the media began contacting us for comments! As a result, Jews for Jesus was mentioned in articles in the New York Post, Daily News, Newsday, page two of the Chicago Sun Times, wire stories on AP, Reuters and Bloomberg, as well as broadcast media like “CNN World News” and “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.” Even when we don’t have opportunities to say much, our name is a message in itself and gives people an opportunity to think about Jesus!


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