Thanks to those who have been praying for the previously un-named Odessa Behold Your God campaign. While we did face some opposition, as expected, God really held it back. Please join us praising Him for answered prayer! In three weeks the campaigners handed out 735,730 tracts, received names and addresses of 1,393 Jews and 1,218 Gentiles who want to know more about Jesus and prayed with 219 Jews and 334 Gentiles to receive the Lord. We also had a team of people who visited 165 Jewish people in their homes. In addition, the campaign included several showings of our Survivor Stories video (testimonies of Holocaust survivors who believe in Jesus) on television as well as in movie theaters.

Here are a few reports to let you know what campaigners experienced:

Vera M. reports, While on a sortie I was approached by a group of young people who said, ‘We’ve been looking for Jews for Jesus; we’ve read your literature and we liked it. Please give us more information. We want to change, give up drinking and smoking; we want to live a different life.’ At first, I didn’t believe that it could be true; I thought perhaps they were joking, but I saw tears in their eyes and I know the Lord can touch people’s hearts with His Word. I testified about how the Lord had changed my life, and gave them invitations to Bible study. Please pray God will continue working in their hearts.”

Elvira M. reports, “Alexander M., a brand new Jewish believer in Jesus, came to me with his friend Vladimir, a Gentile who did not believe. Alexander explained that an hour ago he had received Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He also told me that he and his friend were both hungry and had no place to live. I told Alexander that God wants us, as His children, to cast all our cares upon Him. I said, ‘Let’s talk to Him about this need and see how He will reply.’ When we finished praying, a woman approached us. Alexander asked her, ‘Could you give us one grivna for bread?’ She said, ‘I can’t give you money, I can simply give you bread. Here, take it’—and she pulled a whole loaf of bread from her bag and gave it to them. Then she was gone. It all happened so quickly that Alexander did not have time to thank her, but he was thanking God. When his friend Vladimir saw how God answered prayer he also wanted to repent. Please pray for Alexander and Vladimir, that God would strengthen their faith and change their lives.”


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