This month we are urging the cities of Chicago and Minneapolis/St. Paul to Behold Your God!” And to encourage you to pray for these new “Operation BYG” campaigns, you’ll notice a bookmark enclosed with this newsletter. Please hang onto it so you can pray specifically for the campaigns taking place in these cities this month. Meanwhile, here’s some background information on these two cities for you history and trivia buffs.

The first Jewish settlers arrived in Chicago as early as 1832, fleeing persecution in Eastern Europe. Thousands more arrived over the next 100 years. By 1851, the first Jewish synagogue had been built, and by 1927 there were 275,000 Jewish people living in Chicago—making it the third largest Jewish population in the world.

While the numbers are down today, Chicago is still a major Jewish population center, with 161,000 Jewish people in the area. Notable Jewish personalities from Chicago include Nobel Prize-winning novelist Saul Bellow.

The Chicago area is also home to three universities at which 4,200 Jewish students are enrolled: University of Illinois at Chicago, Northwestern University and the University of Chicago. Pray for openness on these campuses so we can establish a long-term ministry at each of these institutions.

The first wave of Jewish immigrants to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area came from Germany in the mid-1800s. The next wave came from Eastern Europe after the Civil War, as people fled persecution. Today there are 40,000 Jewish people living in the Twin Cities metro area.

Notable Jewish personalities from the Twin Cities include the unforgettable Bob Dylan.

The largest Jewish denomination in the Twin Cities is Conservative, followed by Orthodox and Reform. The University of Minnesota has 1,200 Jewish students. Please pray that many Jewish people in this region will receive Christ this month through “Operation Behold Your God”!


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