Beth’s call came into the office here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida late one afternoon. She had seen some of the Jews for Jesus people (probably the Liberated Wailing Wall) handing out literature at the Coconut Grove Art Festival in south Miami. Beth had picked up a broadside someone else had discarded. On the back it had our address and telephone number, and she wanted to talk.

Beth began with that opening question we hear so often:How can you be Jewish and at the same time believe in Jesus?”

Then she said, “My rabbi never told me that Jesus was the Messiah. In fact we knew He couldn’t be, since the Messiah was supposed to bring peace to this earth, and right now they are fighting in the Middle East.”

I asked Beth if she had ever read any part of the Bible. She said that she had a small familiarity with it, but certainly not very much had made an impact. And remaining Jewish was very important to her!

I asked her if she had a Bible there at home, and she said she did. I asked her to go and get it. Then together over the telephone we read several scriptures concerning a personal relationship with God. I showed her from Isaiah 59:1-2 that God holds us accountable for our sin, and that there are consequences for sin. Then I showed her from Ezekiel 18:4 that death is a result of sin. Next we discussed the fact that in Temple times God’s grace was showered upon the Jewish people through the atoning sacrifices, but that they were only a shadow of what was to come through Yeshua.

As we turned to Isaiah 53, Beth commented that she was hearing me read from the New Testament. But I assured her that Isaiah had said those things more than 700 years before Yeshua was born. That made an impact on her!

Finally I asked Beth if she could think of any reason not to receive Yeshua as her Savior.

“Which is more important—your sin or a personal relationship with God?” I asked.

At that she acknowledged her need for Yeshua and we prayed together on the telephone as she made her commitment. It all happened because she had seen Jews for Jesus and had picked up that tract at the festival. Now another Jewish person is for Jesus. Please pray for Beth’s growth in the Lord and that she might lead others to come to know Him, too.


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