This month I was especially touched by one of Micha Cohen’s reports in Bits from the Branches. It made me want to check how I handle certain situations and maybe it will do the same for you.

Micha was praising God that he was able to hand out all his gospel literature at a campus outreach – and by “all” he meant the literature he had brought for himself as well as for two other people who were scheduled to come and didn’t make it.

All of us are imperfect and so we all disappoint one another at times. When we are disappointed, it is so very easy to allow that feeling to color an entire situation. I admire Micha for focusing on those he wanted to reach on campus when he might have been tempted to focus on the fact that he was unexpectedly on his own. I have to ask myself, how would I have handled his situation? Would I have ended the sortie (tract-passing expedition) when I had handed out “my share” of the tracts, or would I have stayed, as he did, to hand out the whole lot?

I don’t think it is any coincidence that Micha experienced less hand tremors than usual as he stayed to distribute the rest of the gospel literature. I think that often, when we try to push through a difficult or disappointing situation in a godly way, we get an extra measure of help from above. Has that been your experience?

It’s always a little humbling to learn from the example of those who are younger than we are, but it’s also very satisfying to be inspired by this kind of attitude in colleagues and friends, whatever their age may be.

I will try to remember how Micha turned what could have been a disappointing experience into one that became a real praise to God. I hope that his example will remind me of the ways that I can make God smile. Please let us know if this has encouraged you to view disappointments as opportunities as well.


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