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Liz Goldstein

Branch Leader

Liz Goldstein is Branch Leader at the New York branch of Jews for Jesus. Liz received her bachelor’s degree in art history from Hunter College. Liz’s late father was one of the founders of Jews for Jesus in the early 1970s.

Aaron Abramson

Chief Operating Officer

Aaron Abramson is a Chief Operating Officer of Jews for Jesus. Aaron brings a global experience to us. He was born in the US but grew up in Israel. He has a bachelor of arts degree in Biblical and Intercultural Studies from All Nations Christian College in England. Aaron is currently in a graduate program at New York University. He is married and has three children.

Elizabeth Black


Elizabeth Black is a missionary at the New York branch of Jews for Jesus. Elizabeth grew up in Baltimore among a large Jewish community. At an early age, she felt a strong calling to share Jesus with the Jewish people, and attended Washington Bible College with the aspiration to serve in Jewish ministry. She has been working hard to reach out to Jewish young adults and young families in NYC. She serves alongside her husband Eryn, and is the proud mother of two sweet boys, Jude and Ezra.

Eryn Black


Eryn Black’s dad and Jewish mother both came to faith in high school. He grew up in a messianic home and made a profession of faith very early in his childhood. When he was 14 he realized that he needed to make a decision to either grow and mature in his Christian faith or be ok with where he was at. He chose to grow and have a deeper relationship with his Lord, Y’shua, Jesus.During a mission trip to Israel with his future wife, Elizabeth, Eryn’s calling into Jewish missions was solidified. They were married after college and enjoy serving the Lord with Jews for Jesus and sharing the gospel with Jewish people. They also have a young son named Jude. They are currently working in our NYC branch.

Peter Blitshteyn


Peter and his wife Olga are both from the former Soviet Union where he worked as a mechanical engineer. They immigrated to the United States in 1995 and recently became US citizens. They both were baptized the same day in 1996 after hearing the gospel at a local church. Peter has served with Jews for Jesus as part of the New York branch since 1999, handing out evangelistic literature, visiting interested seekers, and ministering through our weekly Shabbat Fellowship in the Brighton Beach area. Today God uses all the creativity and flexibility that Peter learned as an engineer in his ministry. They have three children: Michael, Masha and Hannah.

David Bruce

Missionary Trainee

David grew up in the South San Francisco Bay Area, and graduated with a B.A. in Geography from UCLA. After a brief stint of serving with an East Coast church plant, David and his wife Giselle got married and are currently stationed at the New York City branch of Jews for Jesus, spending much of their time working with young adults in the area.

Asher Korycka

Missionary Trainee

Asher’s connection to Jews for Jesus goes all the way back to his mother, who was raised in a secular Jewish home and then came to faith through a Jews for Jesus Bible study.She eventually worked in our New York office. Asher grew up with parents who raised him to know it was okay to be Jewish and believe in Jesus. He accepted Jesus at a young age and while a student at Brooklyn College he connected with Jews for Jesus and after a number of internships and projects with the ministry decided to serve in the ministry full-time. Asher Korycka is serving in New York City. Part of his ministry will be using his experience and training in video production to create content that will point Jewish people to Yeshua.

Giselle Le'Aupepe Bruce


Giselle Le’Aupepe Bruce is a missionary at the New York branch of Jews for Jesus. Giselle studied music performance in her native Australia, and has been involved in music ministry with Jews for Jesus, as well as in their summer missions program to Israel and India. Giselle is married to David Bruce.

Amer Olson

Missionary, NYC Leadership Team

Amer Olson is a senior missionary at the New York branch of Jews for Jesus. In addition to studying at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Amer received his theological training at All Nations Christian College. Amer’s wife, Paige, is also an artist. They have five children: Josiah, Abigail, Zechariah, Samantha and Benjamin.

Samuel Rood


Sam and Rebekah Rood are missionaries serving with the New York branch of Jews for Jesus. Sam leads the training of new missionaries and Rebekah directs Camp Gilgal east and the children's and youth discipleship ministry on the East Coast. Jews for Jesus is a missions organization on the forefront of Jewish evangelism. The ministry is reaching Jewish people for their Messiah in 14 countries and 26 cities.

Rebekah Rood

Missionary, Director of Camp Gilgal-East

Rebekah Rood is the East Coast Director of Children and Youth ministry and the Director of Camp Gilgal East. Rebekah grew up in a Jewish believing home and personally placed her faith in Yeshua while preparing for her Bat Mitzvah. As a high schooler, she began attending Camp Gilgal East and has hardly missed a summer since. Rebekah met her husband Sam while serving with Jews for Jesus in New York City. They have been married since 2013 and make their home in Brooklyn.

Stewart Weinisch


Stewart Weinisch was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. It was during his bar-mitzvah in front of the torah ark (where the Torah Scrolls are kept in the synagogue) that Stewart made this promise to God. "Someday I'm going to find you". That promise was soon forgotten. When Stewart was 19 several of his non-Jewish friends "became Christians" and began sharing the Messiahship of Jesus with him. After a full year of searching the Scriptures and comparing his Tenach (the Jewish Scriptures) with the "Christian" Bible Stewart became convinced Jesus must be the Jewish Messiah. Then, Stewart remembered the promise he made to God at his bar-mitzvah, and received Y'shua as his Messiah. Soon after that, Stewart applied and was accepted to become a student at Moody Bible Institute.In 1983, after completing his Bible education Stewart returned to New York City to bring the Gospel to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Since that time Stewart has been in Jewish ministry. He and his wife Shoshannah have served as missionaries and as messianic congregation planters in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida and most recently in Charleston SC. Stewart and Shoshannah believe God has called them to return to New York City where there are approximately 2 million Jewish people. "We have a sense of urgency to proclaim the Gospel to our people".

Shoshannah Weinisch


Shoshannah Weinisch is a missionary at the New York branch of Jews for Jesus. She came to faith through Jews for Jesus’ ministry in San Francisco many years ago. Her husband, Stewart, is also on the missionary staff.

Church Relations

Heather Barnes

Church Relations Scheduling Agent

Heather is deeply committed to her relationship with God, family & friends as well as her ministry within Jews for Jesus. “Being in Church Relations, representing the works of God’s chosen people is a unique and rewarding career path.”

Calling Area NYC Branch, CT, NH, MA, ME, PA and Vermont.

Skype heather.barnes.j4j

Phone 646.502.7594

Kevin Smyth

Church Relations Scheduling Agent

Kevin schedules for your NY Branch area.

Calling Area NYC Branch and outlying areas

Skype kevin.smyth.j4j

Phone 347.897.5049