Love Your Neighbor Initiative

Tangibly demonstrate the gospel through service in Israel

drawing of a handdrawing of a hand
building a wall

Bring a short-term service team to Israel

Over 3.6 million pilgrims trek to Israel every year but very few of them take the time to meet and serve the local community. It is amazing to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, but even more so when you can serve the people as He did in the Land where He lived. For your pilgrimage, join us in serving and loving the people of Israel.

“I would tell anyone who would like to come to Israel to do this to please do it because it is an amazing opportunity.”

– Past Volunteer

Demonstrate the Gospel in Tangible Ways

elder care
Elder Care
cleaning parks
Cleaning Parks
serving meals
Serving Meals
Restoring Homes
“It’s not about us. It’s about serving in the name of Messiah Yeshua.”

– Past Volunteer

Plan Your Trip

  1. Connect – Fill out this form with your details to let us know about your team and your interest in serving in Israel.
  2. Coordinate – We will match you with a local church or organization to facilitate your unique service opportunities. Your trip will be customized just for your group, allowing for you to combine missions and tourism at a pace and schedule that fits your team.
  3. Plan – Our coordinator in Israel will help you plan your travel dates and arrangements for a seamless experience for your team of both touring and service.

Know the Cost

The costs are entirely your own travel expenses. Tours in Israel often cost over $3,000, but by planning your trip directly with us, we may be able to help you cut some of the costs of the travel, while adding a missions component to your time in the land. We provide all volunteer organization and support to your team free of charge.

Make a Great Impact

Your efforts will be added to an ongoing movement of witness of Christians serving in the Holy Land, which will positively influence many in Israeli society, helping them to consider Jesus. We have an equipped team of local ministers on the ground who can pray, study, disciple, and counsel those who are open to further ministry.


Support the Mission

If you are not able to come to Israel, but still have a heart to serve people in the Holy Land, we invite you to PRAY for our volunteers and DONATE as a way to partner and support this precious ministry.