Laura B.

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Laura and her husband, Andrew, are pioneers of the first overseas branch of Jews for Jesus in South Africa; currently they serve with Jews for Jesus in Canada. Andrew and Laura are blessed with three older children: Rafi, Ketzia and Simona. Laura co-ordinates special projects and events and speaks on behalf of the organization. Over the past few years, she has been focused on reaching Haredi (ultra-Orthodox Jews) women with the Gospel.
Laura is a graduate of San Diego State University with a B.A. in English literature. She also has a master’s degree in Missiology with emphasis on Jewish studies from the Fuller School of World Missions in Pasadena, CA. She enjoys writing about her faith and teaching the Bible and loves leading the team of women reaching out to Haredi women. Please partner with Laura in this pioneering ministry.
Brothers and sisters, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved. Romans 10:1
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