Tisha Be-Av

Tisha be-Av (the Ninth of Av) commemorates the destruction of the First and Second Temples. In Jewish tradition, the date has become synonymous with mourning and tragedy. Three weeks prior is the less well-known Fast of Tammuz which commemorates the fall of Jerusalem’s walls. Between both dates, various mourning customs are practiced by observant Jews.

Sheva Asar be-Tammuz
June 1, 2006

Meaning of Name The 17th of Tammuz English Name The Fast of Tammuz Calendar Month June/July (in 2006, falls on July 13) Jewish Calendar Date Originally the 9th of Tammuz to commemorate the fall of the walls of Jerusalem at the hands of the Babylonians just prior to the destruction of the First Temple. Transferred […]

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Bein ha-Metsarim

Meaning of Name Hebrew (Bein ha-Metsarim): between the straits” or “in stress,” taken from Lamentations 1:3 Yiddish (Drei Vochen): “three weeks” English Name The Three Weeks (The second part of this period, from the 1st of Av onward, is known as the Nine Days.) Calendar Month June/July or July/August. In 2006, July 13 to August […]

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