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Couple studying Jewish Evangelism in their living room.Couple studying Jewish Evangelism in their living room.

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Jewish Evangelism 101 is made up of six insightful virtual learning sessions developed and taught by proven ministry leaders, missionaries, and educators over three consecutive days via Zoom. Take one or all of the courses. Registration is free.

Topics & Speakers include:

Orthodox Jewish man looking at Jerusalem.
Jewish History and Culture

Learn about Jewish history and culture over the years, taught by resident scholar Rich Robinson.

Jewish man in synagogue service.
The Jewish Mindset

Get acquainted with Jewish thought over the centuries, taught by retired director of the Canadian office, Andrew Barron.

Jewish Gentile couple at the altar
Jewish-Gentile Couples

Learn how to minister to Jewish-Gentile couples as they navigate the complexities of an interfaith relationship.

Jews for Jesus staff talking with another Jewish man
Jewish Evangelism

Learn the compelling reasons for Jewish evangelism and how to go about it, taught by our European Ambassador, Avi Snyder.

Moishe Rosen, former director of Jews for Jesus, speaking in the 1970s
The History of Jews for Jesus

The history of Jews for Jesus from its beginning in 1973 to the present, taught by Susan Perlman, one of our founders.

Hebrew Scriptures scroll
The Gospel in the Old Testament

Discover the gospel in the Old Testament taught by New York missionary Stewart Weinisch.

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Our last training just took place in April. Our next training should be happening in the fall. Contact us below to receive an invitation as soon as registrations open.

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Jewish Evangelism 101 Certificates of Completion are available to those attendees completing all sessions and taking a short quiz following.