Chosen for What?

In order to be the light that we were called to be, we need to integrate the two most essential commands of the Torah into who we are and how we live. It was to love God and to love our neighbors that the Jewish people were chosen.”

Q&A: Does This Publication Have an “Agenda”?

We don’t want anyone to stop being Jewish. Jesus didn’t want that either. We think every Jewish person has the right to explore the identity of Jesus for themselves and draw their own conclusions rather than let that choice be made for them by rabbis 2,000 years ago.

Inclusive Judaism

Inclusivity should actually be a foundational part of our Jewish identity. And according to the Hebrew Scriptures, it’s nothing short of our destiny. Opening our arms to the nations and gathering those at the fringes doesn’t dilute our identity. If anything, it points us back to the heart of God’s calling for our people all along.

Finding Spiritual Harmony in Your Interfaith Relationship

Finding Spiritual Harmony in Your Interfaith Relationship More than 50 percent of all Jewish marriages are to non-Jews, and over 70 percent of all Jewish romantic partnerships are with Gentiles. Unfortunately, research indicates that interfaith couples experience more...