Together, we can proclaim the gospel to Jewish people

With your gift today, you will help us reach Jewish people with the news of the Messiah, Jesus.

Go and Tell

Missionaries meet people where they are and engage them in conversations about Jesus — on the streets, in the community, on campuses, and online. Together, we are bringing the gospel to some of the most unreached populations in the world, like the Haredim (ultra-Orthodox Jews).

Come and See

You make it possible for Jewish seekers to experience Jesus in welcoming settings like Jewish holiday events, art shows, coffee shops, and Shabbat dinners. These invitational opportunities encourage natural ways to connect, build relationships, and share the gospel.

Love and Serve

Your generosity meets real needs of Jewish people, which opens doors to interest in Jesus. Together we are serving refugees in Ukraine and Poland, Holocaust survivors, and some of the poorest communities in the land of Israel.

Global inflation means rising costs of on-the-ground ministry, especially in critical regions like Ukraine. If you can, please consider increasing the amount of your donation to help offset the rising costs of proclaiming the gospel!

We are members of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and MissioNexus, both of which hold high standards for financial integrity.

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Your gift will be put to work right away to help Jews for Jesus minister to Jewish seekers across the globe.


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