Give NOW to bless Israel during crisis.

Israel is under attack and our Jews for Jesus missionaries are in harm’s way.

More than 5,000 rockets have hit Israel, killing hundreds and wounding thousands.

Hamas terrorists invaded Israel by land, air, and sea, murdering Israeli citizens and taking dozens of hostages.

Jews for Jesus’ missionaries and staff in Israel are continuing to serve and minister in the midst of this crisis—even as their own homes are destroyed and their families are at risk.

Please give now to help bless Israel, and to allow us to continue our critical work in Israel during this conflict and in the aftermath.

Now more than ever, Israeli Jews need to hear that there is hope in Yeshua. They need to know that you stand with Israel. And they need to know that we’re there to support them in this time of great need.

Please give as generously as you can today!

Your gift will be put to work right away to help Jews for Jesus minister to Jewish seekers across the globe.


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