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Over 3.6 million pilgrims trek to Israel every year but very few of them take the time to get to know and serve the local community. It is amazing to walk in the footsteps of Jesus but even more so when you can serve the people as He did in the Land where He lived. If your coming on a pilgrimage, join us in serving and loving the people of Israel.

Demonstrate the Gospel in tangible ways through:

  • Feeding the Hungry
  • Caring for The Elderly
  • Renovating Houses for The Needy
  • Cleaning Parks so Children have a Safe Place to Play


If you are planning to come to Israel, or considering visiting in the near future, and would like to spend time serving the people – please fill out the form with your details. Our coordinator in Israel will contact you to talk about the specifics of your trip and how you might wish to serve. We will then match you with and introduce you to a local church or organization to facilitate volunteer opportunities during your time in the Holy Land.


We know that the cost of just coming to Israel is great. Between flights, hotels, and meals, a weeklong trip could easily cost almost $3,000 USD. That is why, we believe that if you are willing to come and spend a few extra days to serve the community that you shouldn’t have to pay to volunteer. All we ask is that you agree to continue to pay for your own housing, transportation, and food during your service days, and we’ll provide a way for you to serve.


Your efforts will be added to that of other Christians who have already volunteered and will continue to serve in Israel. We believe that the constant witness of will positively influence many in Israeli society, helping them to reconsider Jesus. We have local ministers available to pray, study, disciple, and counsel those who are open to further ministry.


“It makes us feel like we’re connecting with God by doing what God’s calling us to do.”

“While serving elderly Alzheimer’s patients, the Lord prompted me to pray for their salvation. I prayed over Leah* a 101-year-old Holocaust survivor and her roommate Esther* as I sat with them just to keep them company. I prayed for the Lord to grip their hearts! The activity director at the center was amazingly gifted, and the patients seemed truly happy to be there. The other workers were baffled that we, as volunteers, would come so far just to spend time with such people.”

“It’s not about us. It’s about serving in the name of Messiah Yeshua.”

“Our team was serving people in need at a local soup kitchen. One day, a few of our team members were talking with another man at the kitchen when it became apparent that another man, Luka*, was listening in on this gospel-centered conversation. Luka, an Orthodox Jewish man, literally moved his chair closer and placed his hand behind his ear to hear. When the conversation with the other man ended, we approached Luka and asked what he thought about the conversation. ‘I have so many questions,’ he exclaimed. Luka then asked if he could sit with our team this week to hear more about our faith and share his own journey.”

“I would tell anyone who would like to come to Israel to do this to please do it because it is an amazing opportunity.”


We understand that not everyone has the ability to come to Israel. If this is you, but still have a heart for Christians to serve people in the Holy Land, we invite you to pray for our volunteers and DONATE as a way to partner and support this precious ministry.


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