A Jewish evangelism experience for ages 16-18, HALUTZIM is a Hebrew word meaning “pioneers.” The goal of Halutzim is to see you, a Jewish-believing teen, built up in four specific ways:

  1. Service: volunteering in a variety of different areas with Jews for Jesus and exploring how God has uniquely gifted you to serve Him the rest of your life
  2. Identity: understanding the significance of being Jewish and how to articulate your faith to other Jewish people
  3. Discipleship: growing in your understanding of God and in His plan for your life
  4. Fun and travel: having great fellowship and memories with other Jewish believers in Jesus

The cost to participate is $300 plus travel expenses to and from NYC. We will provide assistance to participants in how to raise support for the trip.
For more information contact David Garrett at [email protected]

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Footage from 2019 Halutzim