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How has God called you?

You are uniquely gifted by the Lord to serve Him and build His kingdom. At Jews for Jesus, we have been equipping believers to discover and live out God’s calling on their lives for over 45 years. We have many opportunities for believers to learn, grow, and serve. And we hope you will join with us in the exciting adventure of proclaiming the gospel to the Jewish people around the world.

Opportunities with Jews for Jesus

Camp Gilgal

Camp Gilgal is a Messianic camp for Jewish children and youth (ages 8-18) with locations in California and the Northeast. Opportunities include camp staff on location or at online camps.

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Jewish believers, ages 19-26, form a cohort to study Hebrew in Tel Aviv for five weeks and then trek through India for five more weeks to serve God alongside other Jewish believers.

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In a Jews for Jesus internship, Jewish believers in Jesus will work alongside our staff in one of our branches to use their giftings, training, interests, and ideas in the work of the gospel worldwide.

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Trained Volunteers

We train believers with a heart for the Jewish people to represent Jews for Jesus and serve in their communities—and some serve remotely through our online chat. We call them our Co-Laborers in Messiah.

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Missionary Staff

Our front-line missionaries are Jewish people and their spouses who have a calling to full-time Jewish ministry. Missionaries serve in a variety of ways, from in-person or online evangelism to youth or arts ministry.

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Administrative Staff

Our admin staff serve our global mission in a variety of roles, from finance to communications to data management. We believe that all our staff are called by the Lord to reach Jewish people with the gospel.

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Staff and Volunteer Testimonials

“I’m so grateful for my opportunity to intern with Jews for Jesus in Sydney. I learned and grew so much through it—in both my skills and my faith. I really appreciate all the people who dedicated their time to teach me more about reaching my Jewish people with the love of Jesus.”

– Rebekah Bronn, former intern, now missionary staff

“Massah is an amazing experience, not only because it is a perfect opportunity to be built up and encouraged in your walk with God, but it is also an amazing opportunity to learn how to share the gospel and begin to live out an evangelistic life!”

– Zach Stafford, former Massah participant, now missionary staff

“I was an ardent camper at a Jewish summer camp, and it had a huge influence on my Jewish identity. I am so thrilled that Jews for Jews makes this kind of experience available to our kids through Camp Gilgal. My kids have participated in Junior Camp, Adventure Camp, and Halutzim. It is the highlight of their year, and the minute they get home, they are already talking about how much fun it will be next year.”

– Rosie Richards, Camp Gilgal mom


“I loved the training! It infused me with confidence and prepared me well to meet and talk to Jewish people about Yeshua. I was equipped with ways to bring up the subject of Messiah in thoughtful and loving conversations. I would recommend this program to anyone who longs to share their faith with everyone in their lives.”

– Margarita Holley, Trained Partner

Jews for Jesus is a Certified Best Christian Workplace by the Best Christian Workplace Institute.

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