Dear Susan, David and the entire Jews for Jesus Staff,

First of all, I want you all to know that I miss you! I have very fond memories of my time in San Francisco and at Jews for Jesus. I was truly blessed on a number of levels while working at the ministry. You were always very generous to me and I appreciate that very much. I made some very close friendships, which continue to bless my life today. And I was able to see how a large ministry works. I felt privileged to take the minutes for the Council Meetings because it gave me a window into the very heart of the ministry and I was happy to see how honorably it was conducted. You always acted with integrity and that encouraged me very much.

I believe in Jews for Jesus and everything that you’re doing in the world today. Working in San Francisco in the Executory offices, was challenging and a great time of learning and growth for me. I’ve been able to take the experience that I gained there and apply it to my position in another ministry that I currently work for. Thank you for teaching me and investing in me. I also appreciated the variety of personalities that I was able to work with at Jews for Jesus. While we had our differences at times, it was good to know that those things could be worked through and would even help to deepen the relationships.

From my experience many of the most challenging things that we go through are just a perfect opportunity for the Lord to deepen our walk with Him and refine our character and commitment in Him. I believe this is what happened in my life while working for Jews for Jesus. I was challenged both professionally and personally and can testify of God’s faithfulness through it all! I experienced some family trials during my tenure and you were always very supportive both personally and prayerfully. Thank you for that.

I continue to be grateful for you all and pray that God will continue to increase the ministry and bless the entire staff for all that you’re doing to further the gospel in the world today. God’s best to you all!

Susan Bragg
JBM Staff Correspondent
(800) 648-1477