Letter from Loren Jacobs

My experience with Jews for Jesus is one for which I am grateful.

I was introduced to Jews for Jesus in 1976, when I was 20 years old and living in the Chicago area. I had been a Believer for about a year. I started volunteering with the Chicago branch, especially by handing out broadsides (which I loved doing!) and also learning how to print them!

I am grateful that through my association with Jews for Jesus, my own Messianic Jewish identity was strengthened.

I am grateful that the leaders of Jews for Jesus were able to recognize that God intended me to serve Him with my life, and encouraged me to prepare myself. Jews for Jesus directed me to the Jewish Studies program at Moody Bible Institute, and then gave me a scholarship to help me attend.

I am grateful to Jews for Jesus for imparting a good vision that has stayed with me — a vision of bold, courageous, innovative evangelism, directed to our Jewish people first, but also to the Gentiles — and then equipping me to fulfill that vision.

I am grateful to Jews for Jesus for training me, and then giving me opportunities, to teach Bible studies and speak in churches.

I am grateful that through Jews for Jesus, I met some wonderful people (some of God’s best servants), including my beloved wife!

I am grateful to Jews for Jesus for imparting to me ethics to conduct myself in the field of Jewish ministry.

I am grateful that after I left the staff, I continued to have a mutually beneficial relationship with Jews for Jesus that endures to this day.

Loren Jacobs
Rabbi of Congregation Shema Yisrael
Southfield, Michigan

Martha Jacobs

Jews for Jesus Mentored Me

God used Jews For Jesus to train me for full time Jewish ministry and give me fantastic opportunities to learn and grow and have an impact for Jesus on the Jewish community that I never could have had on my own.

I began working with Jews for Jesus when I was a young single Registered Nurse. The 10 years I was on staff were some of the most exciting, productive years of my life. I am grateful for the formative influence Jews for Jesus had in helping me develop the disciplines, skills and balance needed for a fruitful ministry.

Moishe Rosen, who was the Director at that time, believed in me to do more and be more than I ever would have done without his encouragement. This wonderful ministry challenged me to reach out with the Gospel in creative ways that were new to me. Dramas and testimonies specially developed for busy city streets, telephoning scads of Jewish people I never met, jumping boldly into conversation with Jewish people who responded to the message on my shirt, jacket or literature Jews For Jesus”, just to name a few.

During this decade I became a wife and mother before the Lord moved us on from Jews for Jesus to open a new work in Michigan. The very habits and principles we learned from this sound ministry prepared my husband Loren and I, along with the help of the Holy Spirit, to establish a growing work in Detroit, Michigan.

I am forever grateful to God for using Jews for Jesus to enrich my life and season my ministry for Him.

Martha Jacobs