Letter from Leighton Ford

The first followers of Jesus were all Jews — women and men so touched and changed by him that they had to tell their friends and neighbors — yes, and their religious and political leaders — about him. When they were ordered to stop they said, “We can’t help telling what we’ve seen and heard.”

Like their first century counterparts, the people I know in Jews for Jesus have good news they share lovingly and boldly! They would be the first to admit they are not perfect — that’s why they believe in a Savior who died and rose for us all!

From what I have seen they are people of creativity, principle, and integrity, and committed to work in cooperation and trust with other believers. And like their early ancestors they give the impression that “they have been with Jesus.”

God Bless them!

Leighton Ford, President
Leighton Ford Ministries
Charlotte, North Carolina