Dear Friends,

As I write it is almost ten years to the day that a tired but very excited family disembarked from the jumbo jet that had carried them from the United Kingdom to begin a new life in San Francisco. Little did we know as we walked up the jetway that there to greet us were a multitude of singing, banner-waving Jews for Jesus! This was but the first of a multitude of unique experiences scattered liberally throughout the next nine years of working for the ministry.

In many ways that day encapsulated so much of my experience with Jews for Jesus. The ministry is always willing to take chances to resolve their challenges. The Markham family was just such a chance! An English gentile to be their chief administrative officer! I shall always be grateful for the ministry’s willingness to take and give opportunities for me and others like me to serve God in new and creative ways.

The greeting at the airport was just a portent of the welcome and support we received during our first weeks in San Francisco. The administrative staff I came to work with particularly epitomized the commitment characteristic of those who work for the organization. That love and support continued to surround the family when we lost my wife to cancer and so many adjustments were required.

About a year and a half ago God made it clear that it was time for me to move on. As with every other job I have had, my time at the ministry was not without its frustration and pain but I shall always be grateful to Jews for Jesus for the lessons I learned during those eight years. The challenge to focus on the call of God and avoid distractions (even good ones). The willingness to be flexible, creative and courageous responding to that call. I hope and pray that they will be demonstrated in my future ministry.

May the Lord continue to pour His blessings on you as you serve Him.

In Him,

Jonathan Markham