Seder Tool Kit

For Christ in the Passover: A Seder Meal

drawing of a sheepdrawing of a sheep

Thank you again for allowing us the opportunity to partner with you. We’ve created a tool kit with everything you need to be prepared and get the word out! You can download and personalize the materials in the tool kit.  Please pass these links on to the people who will be publicizing and preparing for your event.

Publicity Copy

Use this promotional copy as a helpful guide for talking about the event, whether on social media, through your local newspaper or radio station, or even in person.


You can print and hang this promotional, custom poster. This poster can modified to include the details of your event!

Bulletin Insert

Customize this bulletin insert to let your church know about this event!

Social Media and PowerPoint Image

Use in your PowerPoint at church or post this image on social media to get the word out to a wider audience. Feel free to tag Jews for Jesus in your post.

Facebook Event Cover Photo

You can use this cover photo for your Facebook event. Feel free to make Jews for Jesus your co-host.

Preparing for Your Event

We put together easy-to-follow instructions and a helpful video so you know just what to gather, prepare, and set up ahead of your event.


Please email or call if you have questions regarding your upcoming event with Jews for Jesus. Please be sure to include your church name, phone or email and a member of our Church Relations team will get back to you.

Contact us at (877) 216-2842 or