Jews for Jesus Los Angeles conducted a College Campus Campaign Sep 30-Oct 4th. The campaign covered UCLA, Cal State Northridge, and Santa Monica College — three campuses with the largest Jewish student population. Participating were six missionary staff and nine volunteers. They distributed 26,075 gospel tracts and received the names of 43 students including 3 unsaved Jewish persons, and 2 Jewish believers. One gentile student prayed with Cyril Gordon to receive the Lord. Missionary staff were surprised at the courtesy of students at Cal State Northridge. Except for a few hostile passersby they were greeted with smiles, polite “thank yous” and even “can I have todays pamphlet?”

But there was opposition: the campaign coincided with Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles). One orthodox Jewish organization had their tabernacles out on all three campuses and were trying to get Jewish students to become orthodox. At Cal State Northridge, a rabbi walked up to Ann as she spoke with an interested Jewish student. He told the student “You don’t want to talk to these guys.

They are trying to convert you. Come here, let’s talk.” and the two walked away. At Santa Monica College a rabbi was incensed to see Cyril distributing tracts across from his tabernacle. He pulled out his cell phone and called the campus police! But when the security came, he looked at Cyril and took the rabbi aside to explain that Jews for Jesus had a right to be there. From that point on Cyril just got glares from the rabbi and those who came out of his “tent”.

Cyril met Rachel at Santa Monica College late in the afternoon. Rachel stopped to ask some questions about why Cyril was handing out pamphlets and what Jews for Jesus really believes. Cyril discovered she had been reading a lot and was somewhat familiar with Christianity.

She wanted to find out questions about how to relate to God. Rachel gave Cyril her name for one of our staff to contact her.