How to Avoid Cooking This Passover and Still Be a Hero

If you’re wondering how Passover crept up on you this year, and you’re not ready, relax. Your worries are over.

If you live in Chicago, Max’s Deli in Highland Park wants to do the cooking for you. Max is inviting guests of all religions to enjoy classic Jewish dishes and to learn about Passover with family and friends.

Can you trust Max to deliver the goods, you ask? Chopped liver? Gefilte fish? Matzo ball soup? Absolutely! No Passover would be complete without them. Roasted chicken, brisket, and matzo kugel follow.  For dessert, Max will display his homemade hamantaschen in honor of Queen Esther. (I guess Max is throwing in Purim for free.)

"Cross the Red Sea.
Turn Right at Mt. Sinai.
Reach Destination: Promised Land.
Arrival time: 40 years

However, if you can’t face another chocolate dipped matzo at Max’s, or even at your house, and want to get away from the relatives, you can book a Passover tour and stay at a Passover resort in places including Florida, New York, Italy and beyond.

But whatever way you slice it, celebrating Passover means work. Even if the work is packing a suitcase and schlepping across the country or the world.

Isn’t it gratifying to know that someone bigger than Moses did the majority of the Passover work for you, back there in Goshen?

Wait a minute.

Moses was one of the greatest heroes of the Jewish Scriptures. He delivered the Jewish people from Pharaoh by bringing them out of Egypt through dry land. What could be more work than leading a nation of kvetchers with their animals and possessions from one land to another?

Well, some think Moses’ life was meant to point to someone even greater who would save his people and free them from enslavement to sin. This deliverer’s name is Yeshua (Jesus).

Now that liberation was no small undertaking.

It cost him his life.

Furthermore, he did it willingly out of his love for us. The Exodus pre-shadowed it and the prophets confirmed it (Isaiah 53:8).

So when you take a bite of your Passover meal, wherever you happen to be this year, let it remind you of what Moses did, but also think of Jesus who gave his life to be your Passover. You can rest in knowing that your people are free, and you, too, can be free personally through his sacrifice.

Are you ready to break matzo with Yeshua?

Chew it over in live chat.


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