The trend today is to distill articles into formulas for achieving success.

“Ten Tips To A Frizz-Free Hair Day”

“Seven Ideas That Will Revolutionize Your Torah Reading”

“The Three Best Ways To Make Your Bubbe’s Matzo Kugel”

You get the idea.

Everything gets reduced to a list of rules which you then have to do. And you know how that ends up. In the same place your resolution to keep that diet ended up.

So why do we eat this stuff up?

Because we really believe we can do it.

Just like we believe we can make nice with God. If we try a little harder, put more effort into it, then we’ll be good buddies with God. Good luck with that.

It means the burden is entirely on our shoulders to make God happy, to win his approval, to satisfy his demands. Still worse, we never know if we’re succeeding because we know how sketchy our performance is. That leaves us with a wobbly confidence, uncertain peace, and no rest.

In contrast, try this approach:

Messiah’s three words to you are:

“It is finished.” (John 19:30)

What is finished?

Everything to reconcile you to God.

Here’s why:

Jesus (Y’shua) paid for all your sins so God could forgive you.
The ones yesterday, the ones today, and the ones you’ll do tomorrow.

Jesus pacified God’s anger by becoming the sacrificial lamb.

He paid the debt you owed God for breaking his law. You are now debt free.

Jesus is the real and only solution for your sin problem.

He did it all.

God accepted his death in your place.

How do we know that?

Because unlike the sacrifices of old which needed to be repeated year after year,

Y’shua was the once and for all sacrifice.  God raised him from the dead so that what he accomplished was for then, now and forever.

The job is done.

All you have to do is believe what Jesus did for you.

Why settle for the “Ten Tips To A Better You” when Jesus loves the you who isn’t so great and offers you a full pardon and eternal life?

Visit this page to know more about making a deciscion to accept Jesus’ sacrifice.


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