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Every day, we’re faced with a deluge of decisions, both big and small, about what we want to choose. And it’s not always helpful.

Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the U.S. and may be more common among Jewish people. But strength in community supports health.

The High Holiday season has opportunities for you to lean into and challenge your nature by spending time with God, yourself, and others.

I made aliyah 17 years ago. And I love living in Israel. But I’ve also seen the downsides of that aliyah process.

Shabbat anchors us as Jewish people to home, to God, and to each other. But how can we keep it in a world that demands constant productivity?

What is it like to be a Messianic Jew living in Paris? Here is a sobering look and an exploration of what’s at the root of antisemitism.

Representation shows us that we’re included in society—but will I ever see my identity as a Messianic Jew positively portrayed anywhere?

In counseling couples and being married for 22 years myself, I’ve found that there are three major things that set us up for marital failure.

In difficult and confusing times, the metaphor of being in a wilderness can help us process where we are.

Here are four ways we can reimagine our Passover celebration in order to see it with a fresh perspective and deepen our understanding.

But even though Jewish culture may give us some unhealthy eating habits, Jewish tradition actually sets us up for health!

Here are four Jewish perspectives on resurrection and renewal that may inspire your own understanding.

In my case, both my parents are Jewish but my kids and their kids won’t be able to say the same because my wife isn’t Jewish.

Many holidays come with complicated back stories. When I read the full story of the Maccabees, I was surprised to find that the values of our modern, ...

A few months ago, the sun was setting on a beautiful spring evening, and I was sitting outside in a gardening class sponsored by the local community c...

Whenever the word has left our lips, it’s been met with a myriad of reactions: disgust, a rallying cry, hesitation, or a passionate monologue. “Femini...

We all know Rosh Hashanah for its autumn decor, delectable apples and honey, and lively party energy. But it’s also a deeply spiritual time.

Jewish tradition embraces mourning as an essential part of life—because we all experience loss. How can we learn to mourn well?

Matchmaking might sound archaic, but are current dating practices really working for us or are we being set up to fail?

The book of Ruth is often read as a charming story with little connection to the fears and threats facing modern Jewish life. But Ruth’s story is much...

The lockdowns, economic troubles, and health concerns that have accompanied the pandemic have created a nasty cocktail of challenges for relationships...

Having a brother with Down Syndrome has taught me many lessons about the blessing of difference and the unearned love of God.

Stacy wanted to have a deep knowledge and trust that her life was in God’s hands, even if it meant heading down a path she didn’t think was for her.

Depression affects more than 264 million people and is increasing drastically. Our conversations about mental health desperately need to change.

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