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of Praying for the Haredim

Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Jews are some of the most unreached people in the world. But God is moving in this community, and we sense that the time is ripe to increase our efforts to reach them with the good news. The key to this outreach is prayer.

We invite you to journey with us into the world of the Haredim, to meet Haredi men and women as well as the believers who serve them, and to join us in the critical work of prayerful intercession.

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Jews for Jesus

This Haredi Prayer Journey was composed through the participation of those who have a heart and a hunger to see the Haredim embrace the promises of Yeshua. On behalf of Jews for Jesus we would like to thank the above ministries and other individuals from Messianic congregations and other ministries. We acknowledge and thank you for your contribution. We also want to recognize those whose names are not mentioned for security reasons for their dedication to the Haredim.

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