Are you Jewish, nominally Jewish, half-Jewish, formerly Jewish, or Jew-“ish”?

Have you considered that the God of your ancestors is real? That He wants you to know Him? That the Messiah has already come? That there is hope beyond this life?



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Why should you believe in Jesus?

Is Jesus the Messiah?

Well, honestly, you shouldn’t. That is, you shouldn’t believe in Jesus just because it’s our mission to tell you to or because you want to upset your tradition-geared mother.

You should believe in Jesus if you come to the recognition that he is who he says he is–the Jewish messiah and the only way  for true, inner peace and completion. It’s the best thing that can happen to you as a living, breathing being. It’s the hope of our people, of the Hebrew Scriptures, and the way to true peace and fulfillment. Interested in getting to that point?

Whatever path you choose —whether through us or elsewhere— we pray you’ll discover the same truth that we have: Jesus is for our people in the greatest sense. He is the Jewish messiah who has come as our atonement, who wants to fulfill us, and who is God in the flesh.

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