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Day of Atonement
October 28, 2016

Read how this Jewish woman in South Africa came to faith in Jesus on Yom Kippur

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The Ultimate Scapegoat
August 17, 2015
Author: Josh Sofaer

Someone has already taken the blame for all of our wrongdoing. But we must acknowledge him as God’s scapegoat, the atonement for our sins.

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Bored and Hungry: Why Millennials will be Falling Asleep in Services this Yom Kippur

When a third of Jewish Americans born after 1980 describe themselves as having no religion, how many of us will make an appearance at temple for the High Holidays this year?

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The Yom Kippur I Will Never Forget
Author: Jason Meyerson

A young Jewish man who loved arguing about religion was ready to dismantle the arguments of Jews for Jesus.

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10 Ways to Pray If Your Sins Are Already Forgiven
September 12, 2013

You might be surprised to learn that as Jewish believers in Jesus, many of us consciously choose to fast each Yom Kippur even though we believe our sins are already covered—and not just covered for the year, but for eternity. Our prayers are along the lines of 2 Chronicles 6:21 where Solomon, at the Temple’s…

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What Will You Be Wearing this Yom Kippur?
September 20, 2012
Author: Ruth Rosen

Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) is a Jewish holy day that is supposed to deal with our shortcomings and get us right with God and each other. Kippur is literally “covering.” Which is interesting b/c apparently, the first thing people wanted to do about sin was cover up. Adam and Eve tried to design…

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The Shocking Truth About Yom Kippur
September 13, 2012

In Judaism we take on the issue of sin once a year at Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. We break away from the busyness of life and take a hard look at our transgressions and mistakes which we’ve committed throughout the year.  We fast and go to synagogue and repent of our sins and…

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Christ in the High Holidays
September 8, 2012

This month, the holiest days of the entire Old Testament calendar will be observed in Jewish communities around the world. They are the Feast of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement, otherwise known as the High Holidays.* God commanded Israel to have “a holy convocation” on both of these days (Leviticus 23: 24, 27). It…

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Columbus Day, Yom Kippur, and My Big Fat Jury Duty Day: A Few Random Thoughts on Fair Trials
October 8, 2010
Topics: yom kippur
Author: Rich Robinson

I was called to jury duty the other day. After sitting through an orientation, a video, a roll call, and a wait outside the courtroom, we were finally admitted. Inside, we heard shouting from the front. It turned out to be the defendant, who was loudly, and repeatedly, insisting that he was not getting a fair trial. Unfortunately, he flubbed his chance of getting any trial, because after a few minutes of nonstop ranting, the judge had him removed and we were all dismissed.

I have no idea if the man in question ever had, or will have, a fair trial or not. Certainly the Jewish people throughout history have often been as it were on trial in the court of non-Jewish opinion, where a guilty verdict has been rendered for the ?crime? of … being Jewish.

October 11 marks Columbus Day, commemorating his voyage of 1492 that led to the discovery of the Americas. It was both a bad day and a good day for the Jews. Bad, because it coincided with the expulsion of the Jews from Spain (deliberately set for Tisha B?Av, the day of mourning over the loss of the Temples and other tragedies). Good, because it led to the discovery of what would become a safe haven for Jewish people…

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Yom Kippur and the Jewish Athlete
December 19, 2009
Author: Matt Sieger

We are proud when a Jewish athlete succeeds, but a few have gained even more respect for refusing to play ball on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. Baseball Hall of Famer Hank Greenberg recalled his 1934 decision: Both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur came in September… and since we were in the thick of…

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A Jewish Prayer for Repentance
September 1, 2009

We thought you might like to see excerpts from the prayer that Stan Meyer mentioned in his article. Jewish people the world over will be reciting this on Yom Kippur (which begins at sundown on September 27). Our God and God of our ancestors! Let our prayers come before You and do not hide Yourself…

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The Crucified Chicken?
August 27, 2009
Author: Rich Robinson

Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year, falls in 2009 on September 28 (but begins the previous evening). In English it is known as the Day of Atonement. On this day, many Jews whether religious or secular, will be in the synagogue praying to God to forgive their sins. They will listen to the chanting of the cantor and participate in responsive readings. Many will fast; some will walk to synagogue rather than drive; some will not wear leather shoes. A very few will do something many Jews are unfamiliar with: shlogn kapores

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Happy New Year!
September 26, 2008

Happy New Year! The Jewish New Year, that is. It’s September, the end of summer, the beginning of school, and— according to the Jewish calendar—the 5769th year since God created the heavens and the earth. On the Gregorian calendar, Rosh Hashanah (literally head of the year”) spans 24 hours, commencing at sunset on September 29….

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Post-Yom Kippur Thoughts on Why the World is a Crazy Place
September 22, 2007
Topics: yom kippur
Author: Rich Robinson
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Happy New Year!
September 1, 2007

Yes, we know, there are several months left in 2007. According to the Hebrew calendar, however, it is soon to be the year 5768. The Hebrew calendar differs from the one most people use, first because it calculates how many years have passed since Creation, according to Jewish tradition. Also, the names of the Hebrew…

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More About This Month’s Jewish Holidays
October 1, 2005

As you receive this edition of Real Time, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, passed less than a week ago (it began this year on the night of October 12 and ended the following evening). Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles will begin tonight (the evening of Oct. 17) and lasts for eight days. Is there…

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The BYG* Pic

*Behold Your God is our plan to reach every city outside of Israel where there are 25,000 or more Jewish people. (We also have an outreach in Israel.) This month we have a Behold Your God campaign in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The people of Buenos Aires are known as porteños (people of the port), reflecting…

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Moishe’s Musings
Topics: yom kippur
Author: Moishe Rosen

Holiday seasons are often times of nostalgia, and I find myself looking back and reminiscing over them. The Jewish holidays meant a lot of things to me as a child. For one thing, twice a year we got new clothes. In the spring we got new clothes for Passover; in the fall we would get…

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High Holiday Celebrations of the Home and Heart
September 23, 2005

Every year as the calendar rolls around to the High Holidays, our minds are filled with memories of times past and anticipation of the traditions we are about to celebrate. We asked several Jewish believers to tell us what has made their holidays special and as some have reminisced with us, our hearts have nodded…

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All People Eat

All people eat, but for Jewish people eating is an event! What holiday would be complete without food? Even Yom Kippur ends with a break fast. Food provides sustenance, strength and a sense of nurture, and even helps bring meaning and sanctity to Jewish life and community. As food is prepared in the Jewish home—whether…

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The Akedah in Jewish tradition
January 1, 2005

Jewish tradition has much to say about dying so that another might have forgiveness. This page focuses on Jewish traditions about the Akedah. The Hebrew word akedah” means “binding” and refers to the well-known story in Genesis 22, in which God commands Abraham to offer up his only son Isaac as a burnt offering. Abraham…

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Learn More about the Jewish Holidays
September 1, 2004

The Jewish New Year begins this year on the evening of September 15. To learn more online, start by visiting our

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We Are Grateful…

Some of you have just begun receiving the Jews for Jesus Newsletter and some of you have been reading, praying and giving for years. To those who are new, thank you for taking an interest in our ministry and for giving us the opportunity to tell you about our mission. For those who have been…

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A Jewish Lent? The Month of Elul
August 1, 2004
Author: Eric Verby

This year, the Jewish month of Elul falls on August 18 through September 15. (Technically, Elul is the sixth month of the Hebrew calendar, with Nisan (Passover), being the first, even though Rosh Hashanah is considered the Jewish New Year.) Elul precedes the month of Tishrei, which contains the High Holy Days: The Feast of…

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Yeshua, Yom Kippur And You
August 1, 2002
Author: Stephen Katz

Yom Kippur can be somewhat of a conundrum to Jewish believers in Yeshua. Do we fast and confess our sins like the rest of the Jewish community or do we rejoice in the knowledge that we’re forgiven in Messiah? I remember my first Yom Kippur as a new believer. I had received the Lord in…

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