yom haatzmaut

Yom HaAtzma’ut, or Israeli Independence Day, is commemorated each year on the fifth day of the Hebrew month of Iyyar.

The Paradox of the Rock
May 6, 2014
Author: Susan Perlman

The history of modern Israel holds a fascination for me, so when I came upon a television documentary on one of the heroes of early Israel, Mordechai “Motti” Hod, I found myself riveted….”

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Jewish Facts of Life
April 1, 2007

This year, Yom HaAtzma’ut (literally: "Day of Independence") falls on Monday, April 23. For a Jews for Jesus summary of Israel’s Independence Day, as well as articles, poems and personal stories relating to Israel, go to: http://www.jewsforjesus.org/judaica/yomhaazmaut Lag Ba’omer falls on Sunday May 6. An “omer” refers to an ancient Hebrew measure of grain, amounting…

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Jews for Jesus Tel Aviv Branch
April 1, 2002

Tel Aviv means Spring Hill.” This time of year is so beautiful in Israel, with flowers blooming and the scent of jasmine and orange blossoms in the air. What better time to introduce you to our Tel Aviv branch? Did you know… Contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly legal for an Israeli to share…

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The Desert Hasn’t Blossomed Yet
May 1, 1998
Author: Stephen Katz

This year, Israel is celebrating its 50th birthday, its modern Year of Jubilee. In the last 50 years the world has seen the Israeli desert blossom like the Garden of Eden. Yet there has been no such spiritual blossoming in the hearts of the people of Israel—our Jewish people—who live in the Land. There have…

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An Old Plea, A New Cry
January 1, 1996

David Cohen slowly folded his note to the Ancient of Days. David is what they call a “dreamer” and only a dreamer would make such a request. Surely the Almighty’s ears had heard countless cries, yes, even demands for the Messiah to be raised up from the living ruins of the city of King David….

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Surprise—It’s GOD!
June 1, 1991
Author: Moishe Rosen

Many Jews from distant lands had come up to Jerusalem for the Pilgrim Festival. Their custom was to celebrate Passover and stay on until after Shavuot (the Feast of Weeks, or Pentecost). Those fortunate enough to afford the pilgrimage knew what to expect. They would fulfill their religious responsibilities at the Temple. Then they would…

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Independence Day in Israel

Yom Ha-Atzmaut (pronounced ‘ahtzma-oot‘) is a national holiday in Israel commemorating the signing of Israel’s Declaration of Independence. The document, officially dated to coincide with the termination of the British Mandate on May 15, 1948, was proclaimed by the Israeli government on the fourteenth because the fifteenth was a Sabbath day. Israel’s Declaration of Independence…

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