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New York Summer Witnessing Campaign
June 26, 2008

New York City is home to our Jews for Jesus training center and we have year-round missionaries in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens (though no official branch in the latter). Our regular staff go about doing regular missionary work in New York City all year round: handing out our gospel broadsides on a weekly basis, calling […]

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Passing It On Camp Style
June 1, 2008
Author: Matt Friedman

Camp Gilgal, the Jews for Jesus summer camp, was started in 1991 to provide a way for Jewish children, (most of whom are from believing families), to grow together in their own faith and identities as Jewish believers in the Messiah. There are three Camp Gilgal locations in the U.S., (East, West and Midwest) and […]

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Letters to the Editor?
June 1, 2007

The Jews for Jesus Newsletter does not have a column for “Letters to the editor,” BUT if you have Internet access you can post your opinion on any article that appears in our newsletter via the web. Simply go to: Select “publications” (the second to last category on the horizontal bar). Choose “Newsletter” from […]

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Praise God for Faithful Volunteers
Author: Cyril Gordon

I arrived in Los Angeles in 2000 to serve as a full-time missionary with Jews for Jesus and one of the first things I realized was that we missionaries are few in number. That meant that in order to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue for our Jewish people, we were going to […]

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How Many Temples?
October 1, 2005

One of our readers posed this question: I have had a slight confusion for some time which was brought to the front burner when I read in the July 15 issue of JFJ Realtime* about Tisha b’Av. I have always” thought there were three temples, although reference is made in your article to two. I […]

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Thanksgiving Is a Three-Way Street
November 1, 1999

It was Saturday afternoon and I had taken my two children bowling. As we drove home it dawned on me that neither of them had said, Thank you.” When I pointed it out to them, my son Isaac said, “Dad, I am thankful. I just didn’t say it out loud.” I’d never heard that one […]

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Liberated Wailing Wall Memoirs: Big Church, Big Blessings
February 1, 1994
Author: John M.

As our Liberated Wailing Wall mobile evangelistic team travels about the country, they proclaim the saving power of Yeshua during the day by distributing broadsides and singing at college campuses. Their 40-foot bus itself is a traveling billboard for the gospel. In the evenings and on Sunday mornings the team ministers through testimonies and Jewish […]

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Why I Believe
April 1, 1993
Author: Chris Hansen

A friend of mine was worried; he thought I’d lost my head. He came to me one evening, and this is what he said. I know you follow Jesus; your faith is very strong. I think you’ve lost your reason! How could you be so wrong? How can you follow Jesus, when you know that […]

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Wanted: CLIMS

(Not clams!—Co-Laborers in Messiah) Being a Co-Laborer in Messiah with Jews for Jesus means having a part with us in a program of bringing the gospel to others and the joy of helping some of them become believers. You can become a Co-Laborer in your area. If you can serve a meal, talk on the […]

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Serving Jews for Jesus in the Boonies”: Co-Laboring in Outlying Areas”
Author: Leslie Wright

Is it possible for friends in outlying areas to be of service to the Jews for Jesus ministry? Many praying friends of Jews for Jesus who wish they could help in some way may hesitate to volunteer because they live in an area where Jews do not live or where there is very little contact […]

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Changing My Garments
August 1, 1990

"You won’t be wearing that to the prayer breakfast tomorrow, will you?" the man asked. As we Jews for Jesus often do when we participate in a conference we have not sponsored, I was wearing a shirt and tie and a Jews for Jesus windbreaker. (Ordinarily I wear a suit, but we do like to […]

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Follow-Up Phone Calls
March 1, 1987

It was a Monday night, a good time to find people at home, and I was calling some Jewish people who receive our bi-monthly publication, ISSUES: A Messianic Jewish Perspective. My purpose was to find out what they thought about Jews and Jesus and whether or not they would be interested in meeting one of […]

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Like a Lamb to the Slaughter
June 1, 1986
Author: Larry Brandt

Stuart is a new Jewish believer in Jesus. He lives not too far from New York City. Like most new believers, he’s eager to share his faith, especially when an opportunity comes along to witness to one of his own Jewish people. When Stuart had a chance to talk to an Orthodox rabbi, he naturally […]

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How to Witness on the Streets of New York City
June 1, 1985

Before we send our evangelists to the streets of New York, we give them extensive training on witnessing, conversation and confrontation techniques. But there are some things about witnessing in New York City that you learn only through experience: 1. Smile a lot. That always makes everyone in New York wonder what you’re up to […]

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