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We’re Still Here
July 1, 2006

As you read this newsletter the entire Jews for Jesus missionary team from around the world, along with many volunteers, has convened in New York City. There have only been a few times when all our missionaries have joined together like this. Our first New York City Witnessing Campaign was in 1974. We were much […]

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Jewish Holidays This Month
April 1, 2006

Passover, the festival of redemption begins at sundown on April 12. It is appropriate to send greeting cards to Jewish friends for this holiday. It would also be wonderful if you were able to invite a friend to a Christ in the Passover presentation by one of our missionaries. To see if anyone is speaking […]

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Reaching Sephardic Jews
March 1, 2006
Author: Josh Sofaer

The dictionary defines Sephardic (pronounced seh-far-dik) Jews as members of the occidental branch of European Jews settling in Spain and Portugal…”1 That dictionary definition however, does not provide the more common understanding of the term. In North America today, Sephardic has come to refer, not just to Jews from Spain and Portugal, but to all […]

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