Making God smile
November 15, 2016
Author: David Brickner

It’s only human to focus on our problems, of course. But no matter what problems we may be facing, we still have so many reasons to thank God.

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Insights into giving thanks
October 1, 2014
Author: Rich Robinson

This chart takes a look at thanksgiving from the Hebrew Scriptures, the New Testament, and in Jewish tradition.

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A three-in-one festival
October 4, 2013

You probably know that November 28 is Thanksgiving … but did you know it is also the first day (and second night) of Hanukkah? These two holidays coincided only once before (125 years ago). And they will not do so again until the year 79,811[1] but I think the Messiah will return well before then! […]

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On Thanks Giving
November 22, 2010
Author: Moishe Rosen

If you think that Thanksgiving is about turkeys and pumpkin pie… …you are about as smart as a turkey and as bright as a six week old jack-o-lantern without a candle. Sorry to insult you, but I thought maybe, perhaps, I could just shake you up a little bit so that you would know… …just […]

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Jewish Facts of Life
November 1, 2006

There are many prayers of Thanksgiving in Judaism, and one of the best known is the Birkat Ha-Mazon, or Grace After Meals. You can read up on it here or for a more detailed description, go here. If you’re feeling especially thankful, you can also: Listen to the Grace After Meals here Buy a puzzle […]

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Phoenix First Fruits
Author: Bruce Rapp

During our BYG campaign this past July I heard about Mitch, a Jewish man in Phoenix who had become interested in Jesus. I emailed him during the campaign, told him that my wife Tracy and I would be moving to Phoenix in August and suggested that we get together then and talk about Jesus. He […]

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Thankful for What?
November 1, 2005

Over the weekend many of us had the joy of celebrating the life of our dear friend and colleague Susan Perlman. Twenty years ago Susan was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of cancer. The disease took an incredible toll on Susan and those who love her. God gave her amazing strength and she fought […]

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The Discipline of Thanksgiving
November 1, 2004

Why do people tend to focus on the negative? What perverseness or twist in our nature pulls our attention to words that tear down, belittle or emphasize failings in others or in ourselves? The recent U.S. Presidential election is a prime example. Despite each candidate’s promise to run a positive campaign, it was the negative […]

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Holiday Stuff

Thanksgiving Find two Jews for Jesus Thanksgiving broadsides (gospel tracts) on our Thanksgiving page, and send an e-“Thank You” card featuring the Hebrew word for thanks, “todah.” (You can also order printed versions of the same cards suitable for mailing). In today’s secular society, it may surprise you to know that there was ever any […]

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Interesting tidbits on Jewish people and Thanksgiving
November 1, 2003

Be sure to visit our Thanksgiving page, where you can read some of our thanksgiving-themed broadsides, or send a virtual Thank You” card featuring the Hebrew word for thanks: “todah.” You can also order printed “Todah-Thank You” cards suitable for mailing at: Explore the relationship between the Jewish people and Thanksgiving at “An […]

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A Message from Moishe
Author: Moishe Rosen

I have been troubled by the fact that some well-established Jewish believers in Jesus have turned away from Him. Perhaps they never really experienced God and their conversions” were conformity to others with whom they wanted to belong. Christian joy, peace and enthusiasm can be very attractive. They can even be seductive if people value […]

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Another Class of Missionary Trainees Invade New York
November 1, 2000

Maha McDiarmid I come from an Egyptian and Palestinian background, and was born and raised in a Muslim home. At birth, I was betrothed to my first cousin, but did not know it until I was fourteen. I remember telling my mother when I was twelve that the only thing I would believe in without […]

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Bits from the Branches
December 1, 1999

Outreach worker Dina Markova reports from the CIS, I recently took five volunteers to do a mini-campaign in the city of Illichevsk (a suburb of Odessa), where we found many people open to the gospel. We even met two Jewish believers, Igor F. and Alik P. We were so encouraged that we’re praying for more […]

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Thanksgiving Is a Three-Way Street
November 1, 1999

It was Saturday afternoon and I had taken my two children bowling. As we drove home it dawned on me that neither of them had said, Thank you.” When I pointed it out to them, my son Isaac said, “Dad, I am thankful. I just didn’t say it out loud.” I’d never heard that one […]

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Meet Our Missionary Trainees
Author: Shlomy A

My name is Shlomy. They call me a Sabra (in Hebrew Tsabar”) which means I am a native-born Israeli. Sabra is also the name of the Israeli cactus. I was once like that thorny cactus. I was born into a traditional Jewish family and as a boy I loved it. But when I was 13, […]

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Bits from the Branches
December 1, 1998

This bit isn’t exactly from a branch, but we knew you’d want to rejoice with us: Fred”* was one of the first unbelieving Jewish doctors to respond to our testimonies book, Jewish Doctors Meet the Great Physician. Fred was intrigued enough to contact Jack Sternberg, one of the believing doctors from the book (his Christian […]

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Jews for Jesus News
November 1, 1998

We have been pleased to be a member of the Interdenominational Foreign Mission Association (IFMA) for many years. This year, we are delighted to have a member of our Jews for Jesus staff, Susan Perlman, serving as President of this fine organization. (This is in addition to her many responsibilities at our Jews for Jesus […]

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New York

For some time we’ve needed a team of leaders to share the opportunities and burdens New York City presents as our flagship/training branch. Thanks be to God, such a team is now in place! Meet Avi Snyder (a native New Yorker) My wife Ruth and I joined the staff of Jews for Jesus in 1978. […]

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Bits from the Branches
December 1, 1997

From Berkeley, branch leader David Mishkin reports, When Joel contacted Tiferet Israel (a local messianic congregation that began as a Jews for Jesus Bible study), Pastor Scott Rubin involved me in the follow-up. Joel sounded like a new believer, but as I spoke with him I realized that he was actually a “near believer.” He […]

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Thanksgiving Is an Event
November 1, 1997
Author: David Brickner

THANKSGIVING should be a special event, but for many it is reduced to a ho-hum, hum-drum knot in a string of otherwise endless days. For those people, Thanksgiving merely means ingesting and digesting another traditional turkey before watching another traditional football game. Either might cause indigestion but neither will be remembered beyond the leftovers and […]

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Bits From the Branches
December 1, 1996

One of our Chicago missionaries, Rahel Landrum, has been meeting with an Israeli woman named Ricki to study the Bible. Ricki’s Christian friend had begun the witness, then referred her to us for follow-up. The Bible studies helped to answer some of Ricki’s questions and concerns, and she recently found herself responding to an invitation […]

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A Different Homecoming
November 1, 1996
Author: Lev Leigh

The 20 months that I trained with Jews for Jesus in New York City was the greatest learning experience of my life. I praise the Lord for bringing me back to South Africa where I know He wants me serving Him. I have returned as a changed person. I left South Africa as a relatively […]

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We’re Thankful

Lyn Bond, missionary in Dallas, Texas, is thankful for our Co-Laborer Mike Falls and for God’s faithfulness (not in that order!). Mike introduced Lyn to Elfreide, an elderly Jewish woman, last fall. Lyn and Elfreide studied the Bible together regularly for nearly a year. Elfreide seemed drawn to Jesus, but she struggled, knowing that belief […]

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Jesus Changed Nothing?
October 1, 1995

Jewish people don’t believe that Jesus was the Messiah. After all, the world is no different because of Him. Where is the Kingdom of God He talked about? He didn’t even deliver His Jewish people from their enemies. Messiah will bring peace to the world when He comes. Look at the mess the world is […]

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Have You Noticed Our Evangelistic Ads Lately?
December 1, 1987

The two featured here are designed for placement in magazines and tabloids. The one with the young boy will appear in the Sunday, December 13th edition of Parade Magazine, which goes into 26 million homes. The other appeared in the popular national newspaper U.S.A. TODAY. A third ad, for newspapers, has a more comprehensive gospel […]

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