ten commandments

The Israelites Blew It—and So Do We
Author: Samuel Rood

I remember watching the closing moments of The Prince of Egypt, Stephen Spielberg’s animated telling of the Exodus story. Moses descends Mount Sinai carrying the Ten Commandments on two stone tablets, and uplifting music plays as the movie ends.

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The Law and the Tablets
Author: Matt Sieger

How do the interpreters of the law handle the Law these days? A recent case before the Supreme Court regarding free speech concerned a group named Summum, which wanted to post its Seven Aphorisms” alongside a Ten Commandments monument in a public park in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Summum Bonum Amen Ra, born Claude Nowell, said…

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Is Dr. Laura’s Message Really Good Medicine?

Is this convert to Orthodox Judaism correct in enforcing a strict moral code?

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