“It Happened at the Time When Kings Go Out To Battle…”
June 1, 2010

Seasons of warfare are unavoidable. In modern (or postmodern) times, many people view the personal quest for spirituality as a road to peace and transcendence, while associating “organized religion” with violence and war.  This view has little to do with the Bible, but is in keeping with eastern religious philosophy.  Battle, warfare and fighting are…

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It Is Well With My Soul
January 1, 2000
Topics: temptation

Mission leaders face great temptations when it comes to telling the story of the mission to friends and supporters. We want to share success stories because we know that people want and need to see how their support is making a difference. The temptation is to become selective in our reporting or to exaggerate our…

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The Value of Prayer
August 1, 1994
Topics: temptation
Author: Moishe Rosen

Are things going easy for you in your life as a believer in Jesus? If they are too easy, you might be headed downhill. In the journey of faith, there is no such thing as “front sliding!” Easy coasting will only move you backward because moving forward takes effort. There are two good ways to…

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